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Tax Credit and Incentive Compliance

IncentiLock is the first tax incentive management platform to quickly and easily calculate earned incentive benefits for adding jobs or investing capital.


What is IncentiLock?

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IncentiLock is a secure, cloud-based software that simplifies the entire
incentive compliance process.

Who is IncentiLock For?

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IncentiLock is for any company, organization or government tasked with incentive reporting.

How Does IncentiLock Work?

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Users enter details from applications and agreements and then upload periodic source data.


From application through payment of benefits, IncentiLock focuses on efficiency, visibility, and accountability.

Payroll Data Validation

Filing Deadline Reminders

Timely Data Visibility

Compliance and Minimum Commitment Alerts

Progress Tracking and Monitoring


Unlock savings of up to 75% in time and cost to comply.*

*Based on user feedback


Annual Subscription Options

We’ll train you on the software and you take it from there.
It’s your choice and your product.

No consulting fees required

Best for One Company

with Incentives in One State

Benefit Calculations

Audit Trail Defense

Deadline and Project Alerts

Project Metrics and Reports


Calculate and Report

Best for Parent Groups

and Consulting Firms

All Standard Features Plus More

Project Modeling



Analyze and Model

Optional Features Available

Additional Fees Apply

$600 minimum annual license for companies with benefits of $5000 or less
Data storage fees billed separately
Additional fees may apply

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Our Story

For years, our founder, Jane, was a tax director managing tedious and sensitive data for tax incentives. She noticed a lot of wasted time and flaws in manual tax management. She realized there must be a better way for companies to spend their time and money and decided to do something about it. Soon after, Jane quit her job and started IncentiLock. One year later, she launched the first cloud-based platform to manage tax incentive benefits for small and medium-sized businesses, corporations, and governments.


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