IncentiLock for Pre-Pandemic Jobs Baseline

A new tool for analyzing jobs data pre-pandemic and recovery trends post-pandemic using incentive compliance data


Cloud-based solution with
no personally identifiable information

Easy To Use

Simple source data upload and mapping process


Uniform calculations consistent with agency guidelines

Why IncentiLock for Pre-Pandemic Jobs Baseline

Use IncentiLock to determine true permanent full-time job counts at December 31, 2019 using incentive compliance data from 2019 (as filed) and watch the recovery of those companies that were in growth mode prior to the pandemic.

Upload quarterly state unemployment tax or EEO-1 form data filed by companies

to perform the same exercise for non-incentive companies.

Identify at the earliest possible time how jobs are changing and

design training programs to constantly provide labor-ready workforces.

Aggregate data by jurisdiction, industry, NAICS, or legislative district.


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